Where words fail us, music speaks

At Sunlight Care Services we know what a powerful form of therapy music can be for those living with dementia. Music can enhance and enrich the quality of care we provide by helping people capture moments and feelings. In the words of Hans Christian Andersen "Where words fail us, music speaks"

Music has the potential to reach people living with many forms of this disease, who may not always be able to interact using other forms of communication, that’s why music therapy is an integral part of our dementia care services.

Research has shown that music therapy can have many benefits for people living with dementia, helping reduce the symptoms that so many people struggle with, including anxiety, agitation, and depression. There has also been significant evidence that shows music can provide a safe alternative to medication in some instances.

We focus on promoting our client’s wellness by helping them to connect with themselves and those around them, and to continue to experience those meaningful moments of joy to brighten their day.

We believe that everyone living with dementia should have access to music as part of their care from diagnosis to end of life, that’s why we are part of the Music for Dementia campaign to help raise awareness and make music an integral part of dementia care in the UK.  

As part of the Music for Dementia campaign an internet radio station called M4D Radio was launched, which was developed specifically for people with dementia and their Carers. It has a group of 5 themed radio stations available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year playing music that evokes memories, so tune in, listen and enjoy!