You Speak... We Listen...

Client feedback on the quality of our services is essential, and we believe that by listening to our clients we can make sure that our services continuously develop and improve to meet their needs.

Our Quality Assurance is a method of regular evaluations of the different areas of our service which enables us to improve the quality and standards of the lives of our clients.

We are committed to delivering a quality service that offers continuous improvement, effectiveness, efficiency as well as value for money, and that’s why we are always listening to our clients and learning how to achieve this.

We learned from our latest Quality Assurance survey that 80% of our clients struggled with home repairs and improvements, some of them essential to their health and safety!

We listened to what our clients told us about any additional service that we could offer to make their lives better, and the response was unanimous… they all wanted 'something fixing' around their home. From a wobbly toilet seat, to the installation of a Key Safe to allow immediate access to emergency services, they all had an odd job that needed doing.

We looked at how we could ensure that all our client’s needs were met... including all those odd jobs, and we found a way of improving our range of services we offer.

We are now delighted to introduce our new Care and Repair service. This service enables our clients to have access to our Handy Person with the peace of mind that they have been vetted by us, and as a result we know they are safe, trustworthy and they will do a good job.